Quick construction defect lawsuit update

November 5th, 2012 by chrisg

The construction defect lawsuit is near settlement.  The Association’s attorney will be available to answer owner questions at the November 19th Board Meeting.  Details will follow once the settlement is complete.

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New Resolutions posted

August 6th, 2012 by chrisg

At the July 2012 board meeting the Matthew Frank board approved a Renter Screening Resolution and a Revised Financial Penalties Resolution.  Both have been mailed out to homeowners and posted under the Documents section of the site.

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Recently, Matthew Frank HOA residents mistakenly received a letter from the City of Portland describing upcoming changes to curbside collection service that is set to begin on October 31.

Please disregard this letter, as this program is for single-family homes and buildings with 4 or fewer units only.  Again, no further action is needed at this time; your garbage and recycling services will continue as they are.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Candra Cole.

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Results of Rental Cap Policy Survey

September 22nd, 2011 by chrisg

Thank you to everyone who participated in this homeowner survey.  The committee was very pleased with the survey’s response rate–about half of the HOA (53 people) participated in the survey.  From the survey responses, there appears to not be enough support to pass a rental cap policy at this time.  Several comments were made in regards to the timing of a policy.  There is concern that now is not a good time to pursue this type of policy, given the construction defect lawsuit and the weak economy.  Interested homeowners are welcome to re-visit this topic in the future.

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Some residents in 2 and 3 bedroom units have reported issues with how their water heaters were installed.  This is a homeowner issue, not an HOA issue.  If you believe you have an issue with your water heater due to how it was installed, you may contact A-Temp Heating and Cooling (atempheatingandcooling.com) since they did the original installation.  The scope of work for the install can be found here.

Again, this is not an HOA issue, but we wanted to provide the information for homeowner use.

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February 2011 Newsletter

March 7th, 2011 by chrisg

The Matthew Frank HOA Board has published a February 2011 Newsletter!  You can find it here!

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Holiday Safety Tips

November 18th, 2010 by chrisg

With Thanksgiving Day, the holiday season has arrived. We would like to encourage everyone to be safe as you celebrate with friends and family over the next few months. Many of us will be decorating our homes with lights and candles which can bring along some potential dangers.

Please take a look at this document for a few safety tips!

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Reporting Leaks

May 16th, 2010 by chrisg

Have you found a leak in your unit?  Please be sure and follow the procedures documented here to report it.  This will ensure all of the issues are properly documented.  The first step is to contact Candra at The Management Trust.

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New HOA Board

March 16th, 2010 by chrisg

On March 15th, Matthew Frank elected 3 Board of Directors positions.

Your new HOA board is:

Chris Glanville – Chairperson
Wendy Grant – Secretary
Tyler Ashcraft – Treasurer
Colleen Hermann-Franzen – Board Member
Ed Butts – Board Member

A big thank you to Michael Gabriel and Jennifer Johnston for all of their service on the board!

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Building Envelope Inspection Results

March 9th, 2010 by chrisg

Your HOA Board commissioned a full building envelope inspection that was completed in November by Western Architectural. Out of this inspection, a report was created that detailed various exterior building issues. At this time, the HOA Board is working with Northwest Community Management and our legal counsel representatives to address these issues. The first step in the process is to notify the builder of the issues, and that step has been taken. Within the next few months, the HOA Board will work with Western Architectural to develop a plan of action to address the issues identified during the inspection. Homeowners and residents are always welcome to attend monthly HOA meetings to learn more information and to ask questions. You can download a copy of the inspection report here.

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