Board & Committees

HOA Board

The Matthew Frank Homeowner’s Association has a five (5) member Board of Directors, each of whom must be an owner or co-owner of a unit. The Board is responsible for the administration of the business of the association as outlined in the Bylaws.

Current Board Members:

Jessica Keys – Chairperson

Prashant Bhatia – Treasurer

Jim Ollett – Secretary

Scott Reis – Board Member

Peg Cross – Board Member

Architectural Review Committee

Part of the governing documents of our community include design guidelines called Architectural Changes. To ensure these guidelines are followed, the Board has selected an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that reviews and approves any structural alterations or installation requests.

Each homeowner is responsible for notifying the ARC in writing prior to making plans for any structural alterations or installations to your unit. The ARC must review and approve those changes before any work can begin, otherwise you may be required to make costly alterations or completely remove your changes at your own expense.

The review process is very simple. Prior to beginning any project, fill out the Architectural Review Form and attach a set of drawings of your intended plan. The drawings — which you can do yourself, if you wish — must include such things as the type of materials, colors, setbacks, and any valuable information you think would help create a clear understanding of your project. Send your completed application and attachments to The Management Trust – NW and they will be forwarded to the Architectural Review Committee. You will receive an answer within 30 days so allow plenty of time in your planning for this process and schedule accordingly.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee shall be to review the budget, finances and assessments of the Matthew Frank Home Owners Association, to investigate options and to make recommendations to the Board.  It shall be the responsibility of this committee to monitor and reduce expenses and to monitor and correct financial delinquencies where possible while ensuring adequate services to the Matthew Frank Community.

Landscaping Committee

The landscaping committee is a group of Matthew Frank residents tasked with monitoring the general health and appearance of the Matthew Frank yards, gardens and green spaces. The committee will report regularly to the HOA Board of directors on matters relating to landscaping and grounds maintenance of the Matthew Frank property.

The main functions of the Landscape Committee are to:

  • Maintain aesthetic continuity of the Matthew Frank general common elements and limited common elements
  • Act as primary enforcement for non-compliance to uphold landscaping and grounds maintenance as defined by the Matthew Frank CCR’s and Landscaping Guidelines and inform HOA board of issues

For those homeowners who wish to garden, you will need to review the following documents: