Construction defect repair update

February 18th, 2013 by chrisg

Work has begun on building 2 and will start on building 4 soon. The fenced area in front of building 2 and 4 is used to stage and store materials and equipment. It is understandable the occupants of the buildings relate the noise to the fenced area. However, most of the noise is created by the crews working outside of the fenced area. These crews will move around the buildings as the work is performed (to be closer to the work area).

The container and surrounding fence area is scheduled to be moved every 3 months or so (per phase) and will be filled with all the materials/tools needed for that portion of the project. Each time the container and staging area are moved, new permits must be filed with the City.

We understand the concerns the owners/occupants have with the construction noise, and will try to limit the amount of time work stations remain at each building. With this in mind, the work will take 2-4 months per phase, dependent on the amount of damage uncovered on each building and weather (roofing etc.)

Thank you for your continued patience and helping us make this a successful project!

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